So, you want to be a questgiver?

Questgivers are volunteers that organize events and run official games and tournaments for Warsong or the upcoming Dhovaine. Being an official Higher Grounds Questgiver is all about the community. To be a questgiver you have to love the game, and the people that play it. Questgivers are helpful, enthusiastic, creative gamers who like to run games and help others learn about Higher Grounds games. Does this sound like you?

A questgiver is expected to be a paragon of the gaming community. You'll be expected to help players out, teach the games to others and run at least one game per month. In return you will gain access to the Questgiver forum where you will see some awesome previews, get monthly updates on what Higher Grounds is doing, and have easier access to staff and developers. You will also get experience points as you run events, which can be turned in for merchandise, games, books and other special promotions. These perks are not meant as payment, but as a way to help you grow your community and for us to say thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication.

Being a Questgiver isn't for everyone, but if you have what it takes to be a questgiver then you are likely already supporting your community (or you're frantically visiting game shops and reading rules so you can get started), so you may as well sign up and let us help you support the game you love!

How It Works

Questgivers are required to run game sessions on a regular basis, at least one per month or more is preferred. As a part of this process, you will need to submit information regarding the game session to us both before and after the event.These events must be run at some public forum such as a game store, club or similar venue.

In exchange for running these games, we will give you questgiver experience points based on your event turnout and what game was played. The more players that come to your events, the more experience you'll earn. Sometimes we'll offer special experience promotions that will give more experience points for running certain games or types of events. Questgiver Experience Points (QP) are the primary currency for this program. QP can be exchanged for merchandise, support and exclusive questgiver-only items.

Over time, changes may be made to this program. Higher Grounds will do its best to ensure that everyone in the progrom is made aware and given time to adjust.


Being a Questgiver has its advantages. First and foremost, you will have access to talk with Higher Grounds developers and designers and receive support from us to make sure your games run smoothly. Another aspect of the questgiver program is that you can exchange earned QP for loot! You can exchange your loot for chances to win monthly prize packs, tee shirts, hoodies, hats and more. You'll also get exclusive access to special modules and quests as well.

What You Need To Know

Being a questgiver is entirely voluntary. Questgivers do not speak for Higher Grounds and are not representatives of Higher Grounds. Questgivers may leave the program at any time. So long as a questgiver remains within the program, they will be held to the Questgiver Code Of Conduct. Higher Grounds may remove questgiver status at any time.

To become a part of the Questgiver program, you need the following:
1. A copy of any game you want to run, or official playtesting materials for demo.
2. A signed code of conduct.
3. A signed non-disclosure agreement.
4. A signed event location form.

You can find links to all required forms below. Once you have the paperwork together, you'll need to fill out the application below. You will be asked to supply these forms via e-mail when your application is received and accepted. If you have any questions, please refer to our forums or contact the admin.

Document Links
Code Of Conduct
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Event Location Form

To be considered for the Questgiver program, please fill out the application below. Keep in mind that you'll need a forum account to finish the form. You can make one by following the forum link.

Fill out my online form.
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