The Vouchers

When it comes to production of books, sometimes minor things change. And with the production of a book, even a change of a single page count can change everything from print cost to shipping and handling fees. Because of this, the Dhovaine Kickstarter project offers a voucher that allows you to purchase the physical copy of the book directly from Drive Thru RPG for just the cost of the paper, ink and shipping. This is a physical copy, hard cover, delivered directly to your door from Drive Thru.

The Advertisements

The Dhovaine Kickstarter is offering two different packages for merchants (or individuals, if you'd like to advertise something in our books or on this site!). There are two options. One of this is for a page advertisement in our core book. This is a full page, full color advertisement for whatever you like in the Dhovaine core book. The web page advertisement will go up on our affilliates page and will contain any images, text or links that you like. Rules, limits and restrictions apply. Final say in all matters subject to authority of Higher Grounds Publishing, LLC. If you have any questions, please contact Ray at Higher Grounds.

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